Based on data from the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) for 2021/2022, Indonesia ranks third in the world as a cocoa product processing country. In addition, Indonesia ranks sixth in the world as the largest producer of cocoa beans. “The cocoa processing industry is able to contribute more than USD 1 billion in foreign exchange in 2020 and 2021. 85 percent or 319,431 tons of the total production volume of the cocoa processing industry has been exported to 96 countries, including the United States, India, China, Estonia and Malaysia,” said the Director General of Agro-Industry of the Ministry of Industry, Putu Juli Ardika at the Commemoration of Indonesian Cocoa Day (HKI) in Jakarta, Saturday (12/11). Putu explained that currently there are 11 cocoa processing industries in the intermediate sector with a capacity of 739,250 tons per year. Furthermore, there are 900 chocolate processing industries, and 31 artisan chocolate (bean to bar). “Currently, the utilization of the large-scale cocoa processing industry reaches 54%. The government is also encouraging the development of artisans who have the potential to have even greater added value,” he explained.

In an effort to develop the cocoa processing industry, the government focuses on spurring the downstream cocoa processing industry by providing tax allowance incentives for the chocolate processing industry, both for new investments and expansion. In addition, the provision of super deduction taxes for industries that invest in human resource development and R&D, as well as encouraging and facilitating partnerships between the cocoa processing industry and farmer groups. “The government will also provide promotion facilitation for processed cocoa products from the domestic industry at various international level exhibitions, both held in Indonesia and abroad. One of them is the holding of the SIAL Interfood 2022 exhibition which also supports the Commemoration of Indonesian Cocoa Day,” said Putu. Commemoration of Indonesian Cocoa Day is a routine activity that is held every year, filled with various agendas, such as exhibitions of Indonesian cocoa and chocolate products, cocoa bean competitions, chocolate competitions, and national cocoa talk shows. excite all cocoa stakeholders in developing cocoa commodities and the cocoa processing industry in Indonesia. In addition, this exhibition is also able to increase people’s pride in domestic chocolate products, which of course are not inferior in quality to similar products from abroad, “explained Putu. In the SIAL Interfood 2022 series of exhibitions in Jakarta, the Directorate General of Agro Industry of the Ministry of Industry participated in promoting the national cocoa processing industry through the establishment of a 54 m2 Cocoa Pavilion, filled with 10 cocoa and chocolate processing industry business actors. The Indonesian Cocoa and Chocolate Thematic Exhibition was held SIAL Interfood will take place from 9-12 November 2022. SIAL Interfood is the largest food industry exhibition in Indonesia, which is attended by more than 750 companies from 20 countries. This event shows the interest of the food and beverage industry players to continue to expand their market at home and abroad. The Director General of Agro Industry said that the Ministry of Industry appreciates the Indonesian cocoa and chocolate processing industry players and various related parties in maintaining their performance in the midst of global uncertainty, even being able to increase productivity and expand their market.

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